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A strict, megalomaniacal lioness. A egocentric, muscular vampire. A sarcastic, antisocial eraser. A surprisingly sane blob. A small, mute pikmin. An optimistic, friendly green thing. A stubborn, determined mouse. A curious woman from the future. A meek, brilliant scientist. A calm, fatherly fighter. A serious, taciturn war veteran. A crazy, hyper girl. A confident, eager architect. A savvy, sly chimpanzee. A frustrated, busty teenager. A sad, lonely emo. A fangirlish, lovestruck fairy. A dominant, genius octopus. A loud, grumpy senior citizen. And a sadistic, creepy alien. Who will win the $1,000,000 grand prize?

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Alternate Ending
Alternate Ending

July 29th, 2012, 2:06 pm

Forest of Dreams Notes

Survivor Fan Characters: Forest of Dreams is complete! I hope you all enjoyed it! Honestly, I wasn't sure if I'd get the drive to complete it, since I get writer's block a lot, but completing this is a really good sign for me. Hopefully Season 2 will take a little less than 1 1/2 years!

The Winner:

Alright, Blanc. My main goal for him was to create a MORN winner that seemed like he earned his win and got a decent edit. Why? Because I thought it would be fun. And the only other real MORN winner I can think of is Jenna from Amazon, who...didn't get a good edit at all. With that said, I wasn't expecting Blanc to be a huge audience favorite coming in, since he was...well, MORN, and I had to limit how outrageous he was so he'd fit the winner mold. But I did try to at least make him somewhat likable. The main inspiration to his character is Noah from the Total Drama series, and I think it really showed throughout the season. Blanc was great for doling out some sarcasm whenever people were acting too silly, and figuring out the obvious when everyone else was overanalyzing the game.

I noticed that people started calling that he'd win at the final 6 and with every elimination they were more certain...well, I did intend for Blanc to start popping up on people's radars when he eliminated Sakura, so even if he ended up a tad too predictable at the end, I'm glad that at least nobody seemed to think he'd win before Sakura's boot.

The Runner-Up:

This may come as a surprise to many, but Ibuki was intended to have an acceptable winner's edit too, though hers was OTTP. I wanted a real Montana-esque story to her, a crazy personality but with insight sprinkled throughout. I noticed that she was less popular than I was expecting her to be coming in, and...maybe it was because I was trying too hard to give her insight and people would've liked her more if she was just crazy? Or maybe people just don't like 4th wall jokes and internet memes. Meh, I suppose I went a little heavy on those, but I did try to at least show Ibuki's allies getting annoyed at these references occasionally to ease it up a bit. Also Ibuki kinda had to be an endgamer by principle, as her joke potential is pretty much endless, seeing as she can do practically anything.

The Beta Draft:

- This was going to be a fanfic originally.

- Austin would've finished 4th, by actually giving up immunity to Mordecai. Mord would've gotten 0 votes at the finale.

- Koko and Melissa originally never switched tribes.

- Skazz at first didn't kill Bud. He would've left either in episode 4 or 6, with Bud leaving in the other one.

- Frank/Maddie was originally an episode 7 double boot.

- Blanc originally wasn't thought up as the winner. My first idea for him was to be UTRN and last 5-6 episodes.

- Blanc and Ibuki constantly switched places between winner and runner-up. I also considered deciding it by audience poll, but scrapped that idea when SFC7 did it.

- Original intended edits:
- Kelsey = OTTP
- Griff = MOR
- Flo = OTTP
- Skazz = MORNN (lol)
- Bud = UTR
- Frank = CPP
- Maddie = UTRP
- Melissa = OTTN
- Bob = CP
- Koko = MORP

SFC: Blackjack Bay:

I have most of the characters sprited and storylines thought up, and I'm hoping this season will be an improvement over FoD. Here's some stuff to look forward to:

- 21 Fan Characters, in 3 tribes of 7.

- A much larger focus on character instead of mostly gameplay.

- Themes revolving around the natural elements and the number 21.

- No Hidden Immunity Idols.

- A villain who makes Mary/Skazz/Bonnie look like innocent little angels by comparison.

- Maybe a few more backgrounds?

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